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We love our beer, and most certainly encourage everyone to try each brand that we have tapped on any given day. We also pride ourselves on having a great taproom experience, with friendly and knowledgable staff to help guide you through your selections and tastings. In order to keep the tasting and service experiences at their best, we've decided to amend our policy on 4oz tasters.

Moving forward, 4oz pours will be a 2 pour limit per person, per transaction. 

We made this call for a few reasons. First and foremost, quality beer is at the center of everything we do. Every step in each beer is incredibly thoughtful with the utmost consideration for the final product. This seems obvious, but when you have 8 different beers in front of you, it gets overwhelming quickly, and flavors, aromas, and nuances can get lost and muddled between the beers. 

As stated before, it's certainly encouraged to try and enjoy each beer, which is why we're keeping the 4oz size, but we firmly believe the best way to do this is to enjoy one beer, in it's entirety, at a time. 

The other main reason is so that we can continue to focus on each customer with the same care as the next. It's much easier for us to guide you through a tasting and help you keep track of the beers you've had when it's one or two at a time. That's not to say our input is necessary, but we're often asked questions about each beer and it's important to us that we give each customer (and each beer) the time they deserve. 

If there are any questions or comments on this, please direct them to me personally at 

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding, and know that this will elevate everyone's experience, whether first time or returning, at Dancing Gnome. 

See you in the taproom.