Officially Official

Dancing Gnome is opening Saturday, October 1st.

After many months of hard work and wondering if I'd ever be able to actually open, DG has had it's final inspections and is approved for business. Next Saturday, October 1st, we'll open the doors at twelve o'clock for the first time to the public, and I could not be more amped. 

Below is a list of the 5 beers that we'll be opening up with. Sometime next week I'll post the rest of the pertinents, but for now, just mark your calendars.

Lustra - Pale Ale - 5.8%

The tried and true. The original DG beer. If you haven't had it, now is the time, and if you have, now is still the time. Only ever getting better, this is my perfect pale ale. Explodes in your nose with all the sticky green goodness you know and love. Tangerine dominates, with an array of citrus fruits and a wheat cracker malt character. I love this beer.

Aevum - Session Ale - 4.2%

Low on alcohol, high on flavor. Super hazy, Aevum has a blend of northern and southern hemisphere hops imparting super tropical flavors and pleasantly floral aromas while creating a super earthy bitterness. 

Pharmakon - Pale Ale - 5.3%

The first beer brewed on the 10bbl system. This American Pale Ale hits your nose before you raise the glass. Dank pine, citrus fruits, blueberry, and fresh greens. Pharmakon has a super pleasant lingering bitterness. I'm biased, but it's really good. 

Young Archaic - IPA - 6.2%

A dry, hazy IPA with a full, juicy body. Grapefruit, pine, fresh grass, and dank dominate this throw back IPA. Old hops, new style. Really can't go wrong.

Wonka - Dry Stout - 6.5%

Intense aromas of chocolate and highly roasted coffee, this beer was brewed to illustrate my love of dry beers. Super chewy, despite being dry, the unsweetened dark chocolate envelopes your palette and gives way to a bold, roasted, black coffee aftertaste. Pleasant dark berry character in the strong bitterness bring this beer together. 


See you soon.