Come and Gone

Well so much for regular updates!

Six months later I'm finally checking in to share some progress with all you fine folks who have been interested in the process.

When I announced the building acquisition in December, I was pretty confident that June 1st was a reasonable time to suggest an opening. Needless to say, I was wrong. Despite my best efforts to cross all T's and dot all I's, some things just can't be accounted for. Specifically in my case, poor plumbing that we never would've been able to catch without tearing up the original floor. I'll save the details, but it meant meetings with inspectors and engineers that weren't planned, which ultimately had us at a standstill in the space for about 6 weeks. 

I'm happy to say that as of today, we've been approved to continue with our proposed plumbing plan and can get back to work to finish out the space.  

Things haven't been totally stagnant during the time off for the construction crew, though. The collaboration beer I brewed with Helltown, Spoonwood, and Helicon was released during craft beer week and I recently poured at Beers of the Burgh. We've taken delivery of the chiller, steam boiler, keg fleet, cold room panels, bulk co2 tank, and just this morning, the Wild Goose Canning line. As for the brewhouse and additional tanks, they are currently sitting cozy in Lincoln, NE ready to ship out as soon as the concrete is cured and sealed, hopefully in the next few weeks. 

With all that said, I'm certainly not going to quote an opening time, but I'm really pushing to be open before summer is out. Realistically, the earliest that could be in sometime in August, but it wouldn't be absurd for that to become September. I can promise I'm working as quickly and efficiently as I can. It's been my full-time job since mid-March when I said goodbye to the corporate world. I'm bummed about the delay, but it's the unfortunate reality about opening a business, especially a manufacturing business that includes the watchful eye of the government. 

One final piece of information I'd like to share is Sharpsburg Open Streets happening on Saturday, June 25th.

There will be a lot of really cool things happening, and it'll be a great time to come out and see what Sharpsburg has to offer. I MAY have the space open up for the public to come have a look of things to come, but there will definitely not be any beer available at that time. 

Keep an eye out on the DG social media accounts for more regular information on things happening at the space. I'm eager and excited to get things finished up so I can finally share and enjoy a beer with all of you. It's close!