Welcome to Dancing Gnome.

Well, at least the digital representation of us.

Dancing Gnome has been a burgeoning idea for the past two years and we’re thrilled to finally reveal our brand to the world and, more importantly, to the passionate enthusiasts of Pittsburgh. Though DG has yet to find it’s perennial palace, the people behind it have called Pittsburgh ‘home’ for quite sometime. Other cities have provided residence, but Dancing Gnome belongs in the city of bridges. We know the populace, we know the land, and we certainly know beer.

On Saturday, May 16th,

Dancing Gnome will be making a public debut, pouring four beers at Beers of the Burgh. If you’re there, please come up and say ‘Hello’, ‘Hi’, ‘Hey yinz’, or any other preferred salutation.

This page is the place to stay updated on where we are going, and how fast we’re getting there. For more instant gratification, interact with us on Twitter (DG_Beer) and Instagram (Dancing.Gnome.Beer).

In the mean time, check out our new site, and as always, make yourself at home.

-  Andrew 


PB+J, 3 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON, K9V 2X9, Canada