Where can I try your beer?

The taproom. We have a rotating selection of beers that you can check out here. At this time, we don’t regularly distribute our product, but if you find yourself out and about in Pittsburgh, Independent Brewing and Merchant Oyster Co. are two places you may find our draft.


Can I get your beer out of State?

No. We have no current plans for outside distribution. 


Can you just ship us a four pack!? 

Sorry, we can not. Regardless of what you’re willing to pay or give us in return, we can not ship you beer. 


Will you trade?

No. We get asked often, and for fairness, the answer is always no. 


Can I pick up cans early or pay over the phone and have you hold some?

No. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but out of fairness to all, we do not sell cans outside of taproom hours and we will not hold cans for later purchase. 


Do you fill crowlers or growlers?

We will fill any growler with two exceptions; Clear or soiled glass. 

Clear glass is terrible for beer, especially in our focused style. If you’d like a greater explanation, pop by the taproom and ask us, or shoot me an email. I love chatting beer science! 

Growlers should be rinsed two to three times with hot water immediately following consumption. If a growler is soiled in any way that could affect the quality of beer, we reserve the right to refuse the fill. 

We sell 64oz and 750ml branded growlers if you need one. Both are $5 empty. 

At this time we do not fill crowlers.


Do you serve tasters or flights?

We do not, for a few reasons. First and foremost, we’re incredibly proud of our beer, and brew it to be consumed in pint quantities. This allows for proper acclimation and ultimate enjoyment of the product. That being said, we understand the desire to try multiple beers, so we also serve in a half pint size (9.5 oz, actually). 

The other reason is for overall enjoyment of your experience in the taproom. We work really hard to provide each guest with the highest level of service. This is difficult to do while pouring out multiple sample size pours. In addition, it doesn’t allow us to adequately describe each beer, or you to adequately enjoy them.


Do you have cans available today?

Check here. We currently release three beers weekly; Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Weekday releases may be draft only, so check out our can release schedule to find out. Saturday releases will always have cans, and our our largest quantity releases of the week at ~120-140 cases. Weekday can sales are ~60 cases. More information on the specific weekly releases is posted in our weekly newsletter, as well as our social media pages.


When will cans sell out?

Unfortunately this is impossible to determine. Typically they sell out day of release, but every so often for specific brands or heavy release weeks, cans will carry over from day to day. We can't predict it or even pretend to be able to make an accurate guess. If you’re looking for a specific brand, your best bet is to come for the release. 


Can I buy a keg for my sweet new kegerator?

No. We do not sell kegs direct to consumer. 


Are you dog friendly?

Personally, yes! The taproom, however, is not. This is a state mandated law based on our license and something we have no control over. Dogs are amazing and I love mine dearly, but they need to stay home. 


Do you give private tours?

Not exactly, but our space is quite small and can be seen entirely from a large window in the taproom. Can sales also take place through the brewhouse, giving you an up close ‘tour’ of our production space. 


Can I rent out the taproom for a private event?

No. It’s incredible that you like us enough to even consider that, but we do not rent out our space for private events. 


Can you reserve us a table?

No. Based on our capacity and typical crowd, we’re unable to reserve tables. 


Do you have food?

Food Trucks everyday! Check out the line-up here.